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The WID was pleased to host Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and new Agriculture Forestry Minister Nate Horner on Friday, November 12 to announce an additional allotment of funding for irrigation infrastructure projects.  


Building on the significant investment announced in October 2020, this enables the WID to continue moving at an accelerated pace to upgrade our infrastructure. In total, ten irrigation districts will receive funds, including the WID.

Province Announces Additional Funding for Irrigation Infrastructure

The funding is made possible through an agreement between the Alberta government, the Canada Infrastructure Bank and participating irrigation districts. The additional funds will allow the WID to complete projects similar to those already underway, such as the Field-Strangmuir pipeline phase 2 expansion, Glenrose Canal and C Canal. Improvements like these all contribute to a more efficient system that conserves water.


With these grants, the province aims to grow overall agricultural exports to a projected $16-billion by 2023, a 37% growth over 2019.


To read the news release, click         . If you’re interested in listening to the news conference, use the link at the bottom of the news release; details about the irrigation investment begin at the 9:20 mark.

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