Household Agreements


There are three (3) different Household agreements the district offers for stock and/or yard and garden use.  This is not a potable water supply agreement. These agreements do not transfer with title.

Household Domestic (HHLDD)

This agreement is intended for watering stock.  This agreement is billed on a per agreement not per acre basis.


The 2021 rate is $509.00 plus GST.  


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Household Reduced (HHLDR)


In order to apply or qualify for this agreement the water user must have a dugout with a two (2) week storage capacity.  The water used from the dugout is intended for the use of watering stock or yard and garden.


The 2021 rate is $305.40 plus GST.


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Household Yard & Garden (HHLDYG)


This agreement allows for the watering of lawns and gardens up to three (3) acres in area.


The 2021 rate is $361.40 plus GST.


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