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Hunting and Recreation

The Western Irrigation District infrastructure (all land, canals, driving banks and reservoirs) are private property and are not public lands. Due to increasing incidents of damage to WID infrastructure from non-authorized activity the following guidelines will immediately apply (as of October 2017) to their use.


Reservoir/canal access for fishing is by foot traffic only. All Alberta fishing regulations apply to all irrigation reservoirs in the WID (Chestermere Reservoir, Langdon Reservoir, Graham Creek Reservoir and Glenrose Reservoir) and are enforced through a District partnership with Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers who have unrestricted access to all WID lands for the purpose of enforcement. With the exception of Chestermere Reservoir, no motorized watercraft are permitted on any WID reservoir. Violators will be prosecuted.


Hunting on WID lands is not permitted without first getting written consent of all adjacent landowners in the area. Once written permission is received, interested parties must bring the original letters, picture I.D., vehicle information etc. to the WID office for approval. Other than WID operations staff, contractors for the WID and those with access agreements with the District, no vehicle traffic of any sort is allowed on WID canals for any reason (foot access only). Any vehicle found on WID property without the required permission will be reported as trespassing to the local authorities.


Walking, cross country skiing, cycling and other non-motorized activities is permitted on all WID canal and reservoir right of ways year round. Please respect adjacent landowners to the WID and their property.  If using a motorized vehicle to travel to WID lands, please don’t block gates and canal access, kindly park in a safe location which does not hinder the WID ability to access our works. Any vehicle blocking access is subject to removal.

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