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Irrigation Acres (IRRACR)


Irrigation Acres may also be referred to as permanent acres. These acres are registered on title and usually take priority over other contracts. Board Policy ADM 14 which states that in order to add Irrigation Acres to a parcel, there must be a minimum of 50 acres. 


The 2023 rate for these acres is $22.80 per acre plus GST.  (Minimum charge $570.00 + GST)


Please note, as the WID has reached capacity of 95,000 irrigation acres, no permanent irrigation acre contracts are available at this time.


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Terminable Acres (TERM)


These acres are not registered on title and do not automatically transfer to new owners of the land.  Terminable acres are usually assigned to parcels where delivery may not be economical.


The 2023 rate is $24.96 per acre plus GST. (Minimum charge $624.00 + GST)

Annual Agreements


Each district has what is called an Acreage Cap which is a set limit or number of Irrigation and Terminable Acres they are allowed to serve. The WID’s cap is 95,000 acres and at this time the WID is at its capacity. These agreements do not form part of the 95,000 acres cap and do not transfer with title.

The 2023 rate for Annual Irrigation Agreements is $28.00 per acre plus GST.

(Minimum charge $624.00 + GST)

Alternate Parcel Irrigation Agreement (ALTPNC)


In accordance with the Irrigation Districts Act (Section 25), the WID has approved a new policy for Alternate Parcel Irrigation. This will allow water users to use existing Irrigation Acres on an alternate parcel, which they may or may not own. The alternate parcel must be land classed and support the number of acres applied for. Each application will be reviewed for practicality by staff and is subject to Board approval. This agreement must be applied for on a year to year basis and has a fee which must be paid at the time of application submission.


*The application deadline for the 2023 water season is Friday, March 10, 2023.*


There is no rate charged for the irrigation of the alternate parcel. The regular billing is sent to the owner of the original acres. There is a $400.00 plus GST application fee or, if it is a renewal application, $150.00 plus GST if it is identical to the year prior.  Please note, should WID receive your application after the due date a late application fee of $300.00 shall apply as set out in Policy ADM 31.


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