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Books and water together?  It turns out they are a fantastic blend when two non-profits have a shared vision of supporting the community, providing their staff with efficient workspace, and saving money at the same time.

In a unique collaboration, the Western Irrigation

District and Marigold Library System are building

a joint headquarters on six acres in Strathmore

at the intersection of Pine and Orchard.

                                                                      “It is unique for two organizations like these to come

                                                                      together, and we both benefit from the cost-effectiveness

                                                                      of sharing resources,” says David McAllister, General

                                                                      Manager of the WID. “Plus, our community benefits, from

                                                                      construction jobs in the near term, and public use of

                                                                      meeting space, and our ongoing contributions to the local

                                                                      economy in the longer term.”


Set to open in summer 2021, the building will have a total of 34,642 square feet and is designed to prioritize efficient workflow. Each organization will have its own wing, and there will be shared common spaces and a meeting room to host up to 100 people.


The WID originally owned the land, which is now co-owned with Marigold. The WID donated an adjoining parcel of land to the Town of Strathmore. The donated land includes a wetland and will be preserved as a natural space.


Project funding comes from both organizations along with a generous grant to Marigold from the Alberta Ministry of Municipal Affairs.


The WID is excited to forge a relationship with Marigold. In this case, water and books mix perfectly.

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IMGL5419-Print board to facility
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