Secondary A Canal Drop Structure Repairs 2019 - 2020

In early Fall 2019 the Western Irrigation District (WID) will be tendering a contract for the upgrade of a critical structure on Secondary A canal, within Town limits.  The legal location is SW 15-24-25 and the physical location is near the intersection of Westridge and Wildflower Roads.


This infrastructure work will consist of demolition and replacement of concrete walls on the downstream end of the existing drop structure.  The walls are cracking and failing due to poor drainage and frost heaving.

Upon completion of new wall construction, granular backfill and riprap will be imported and placed to promote proper drainage and prevent erosion.


Contract work will be conducted within the District right of way by an experienced contractor under the site supervision of the WID’s consultant, MPE Engineering Ltd.

Construction work schedule will be in accordance with Town Bylaws.

Approximate Timeline*:

September 2019                          Site tour

                                                 Tender awarded

October - December 2019            Seasonal water shut down

                                                 Preliminary site work commences

                                                 Demolition and new construction activities

                                                 Christmas shutdown 7-14 days

January 2020                              Project substantial completion

February - March 2020                 Site Shutdown

April 2020                                   Final Clean up

May 2020                                   Water Season Begins

*The above timelines are estimates and are subject to change.


In the interest of protecting the safety of the WID, it’s contractors and the public, there will be no access through or near the site for the duration of this important project.


If you would like further information or have any concerns, please contact the undersigned;


Cory Krahenbil                                                                                                 

Capital Planning and Design

ph#: 403-934-3542 Ext. 234