For Tree to Tree Nurseries near Standard, AB, more acres means more business opportunity.

The company purchased 27 additional acres from the WID prior to the 2019 water season, increasing their operation to 137 irrigation acres in total, about a 25% increase for their operations.

“We had to have the water to expand,” explains Cody Brown, General Manager. “As soon as we saw acres available online, we applied. With the added irrigation, now we’ve been able to add 24,000 more trees to our farm.”

                                                                  The nursery uses drip irrigation and a variable drive pump,

                                                                  ensuring water goes where and when it is needed, with

                                                                  almost zero waste. Growing 30-40 varieties of landscape

                                                                  trees is not feasible without a reliable water source.









“The WID has been great to work with,” says Cody.

“Without them, our business wouldn’t be viable.”



We’d like to share your story, too, about how

expanding irrigation has enabled your farm to grow!


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meant to you!

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