Water Delivery

Water season begins on May 1st and runs until September 30th.  The irrigation season begins by opening the gates and diverting water from the Bow River at the Harvie Passage in Calgary.


It is our goal to provide our water users with needed water in a reliable and efficient manner. To achieve this, it is necessary that we be informed of your water requirements sufficiently in advance to plan water deliveries and, in times of shortage, to share available water among other users.


When users take water from the system without ordering, or prior to the time authorized by the Water District Supervisor (WDS or Ditchrider), shortages of water for other users may occur elsewhere in the system.


Similarly, when water service is no longer required the user should give sufficient notice to the WDS to minimize possible flooding or spillway losses.


Educational reminder notices regarding this policy are publicized locally at the beginning of each water season. Penalties may be used as a last resort to obtain compliance. Your cooperation in assisting us to operate the system in a efficient manner is greatly appreciated.

Brian Sander

Water Master

(403) 325-0493


JR Dunbar

Crowfoot Water District Supervisor

(403) 325-4639


Derrick McGougan

Chestermere Water District Supervisor

(403) 899-4638



Clive Tilson

Carseland Water District Supervisor

(403) 899-4641


Eric Beingessner

Assistant Water Master

(403) 934-3542 x228


Jaye Wegener

(403) 325-4601

Strathmore Water District Supervisor



Wes Sproule

Rockyford Water District Supervisor

(403) 325-4640



Joe Friedman

Gleichen/Cluny Water District Supervisor

(403) 325-4642