The Western Irrigation District will be controlling broadleaf weeds along it's right of ways for the 2022 irrigation season. The District will use 2,4-D, Milestone, Clearview and Glyphosate for weed control on driving banks and reed canary grass control along canals. This spray program will be starting in April of 2022 and will continue to the end of the irrigation season.

Also included in this weed control program will be the treatments for aquatic weeds. To control these aquatic weeds, the WID may be treating the Canals noted below on the approximate dates show during the 2022 irrigation season. The Canals will be treated with Magnicide H (Acrolein, Inhibited) to control the growth of aquatic weeds and algae.

Year 2022 Aquatic Treatment Locations and Dates

May 16-20     June 6-10     June 27-July 1     July 18-22     Aug 8-12     Aug 29-Sept 2     Sept 19-23

Carseland District

A - Main from Langdon Reservoir Outlet (SE 36-22-27) to Rge Rd 262 (NE 27-22-26) Glenmore Trail (SE 29-23-25) (application sites-3)

Strathmore District

A - Main from Highway # 1 east of Strathmore (SW 18-23-24) to Namaka Rd (NE 33-23-24) (application sites-2)

A - Main from Namaka Rd (NE 33-23-24) to Twp 232 (Hammer Hill NE 9-23-23) (application sites-2)

Gleichen-Cluny District

Twp 242 (Hammer Hill NE 9-23-23) to Rougeau Pipeline (NW 2-23-21) (application sites-4)

Strathmore District

North A from Highway 817 (NE 27-24-25) to Rge Rd 231 (NE 26-23-23)

Crowfoot District

Standard lateral at the split/head gate and downstream (NW 34-24-24)

Glenrose lateral at the split/head gate and downstream (NW 34-24-24)

From Rge Rd 262 (SE 10-25-26) road crossing to the end of Standard/Glenrose laterals

Chestermere/Rockyford Districts

1.  NW 7-26-26

2.  NE 27-26-26

3.  SW 28-26-25

4.  NE 18-26-24 Nightingale Road

5.  NE 14-26-24 North Rockyford Pavement